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Qualitative Website Research Example


“I decided to visit Department of Homeland Security web site because I was curious about how they communicate with citizens. The first impression I got from the home page is that it is a typical bureaucratic non-sense. The grey-blue background for the Department’s name and seal, the dark blue background for the section headers, the ridiculously staged picture of martial art practice and general feeling of lots of text with little space between -- all add up to a “warning” of sorts: “this will be serious government agency reading” and therefore unlikely to be either interesting or informative – never mind enjoyable or helpful. Also, I could not find on the home page any directions about where on the site I can find practical information on how I can try to prepare myself and my family for the different emergency scenarios.”


“I got to this page after some rather frustrating search on the Department of Homeland Security site. This is really what I was looking for in the first place. I like the fact that the warm (mostly family oriented) pictures are dominating the opening page for this site. Also, it does make sense to me that beside the family-picture in the middle with somewhat politically incorrect “dad knows best” implications – “standing” for “Ready America” there are the two separate pictures one for businesses and one for kids. I absolutely love the “Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies Makes Sense” banner. It certainly makes sense to me and it makes me proud to be part of a society that with all the top priorities (family, children and business) being recognized first – cares about including advice on how to prepare your pets for war and natural-catastrophes emergencies on the front page of that web site.”